A House divided Will not stand.

- Abraham Lincoln -

 An America United is Strong, divided? It's up to us

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 Our tee-shirts are different, they are engagers, these original quotes from our founding fathers get people talking. They stood behind their words. Now you can too! It all started with a trip to Philadelphia. I was inspired by our founding fathers. Their words meant something then and their words still hold great meaning today.  Out of frustration I put some inspiring words, from our founding fathers, on t-shirts. While wearing these words, I had great discussions with all sorts of people. Some were family and friends, but others were people I had just met. We shared what we loved about this country and what frustrated us too. What I discovered was that even though we have different views and different desires that we all shared a great love for Liberty and Freedom. It has compelled me to do something, to get people talking, so I started Politictee Correct Inc.